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Who is the authority on cleaning?

Posted on June 3, 2018

Carpet Cleaning AuthorityThe Consumers problem – With the contrary opinions of cleaning processes out there, we find a few that should be unbiased. So, we must find another source that know what they are talking about in recommending a carpet cleaning method.

Who is the authority on cleaning? Well, the answer is the carpet manufacturers. Manufacturers must guarantee their product, and anything that lessens their livelihood, or decreases their referral rate, would affect their decision. So they are the most reliable reference.

Carpet manufacturers are the authority, but of the hundreds of manufacturers, which one do we choose to give us information? Check with the manufacturer of the carpet you purchased. If you don’t know there are usually 3 big ones and their methods are used throughout all.

The largest are:
Shaw Industries – Shaw not only recommends Steam cleaning but requires it for warranty. Owners most show periodic cleaning using this method. They cite their own research that finds that Steam cleaning has the most “capability for cleaning”.